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Carbon Trust @ Arbor

Photo Credit: 3equals1design
Photo Credit: 3equals1design
The Carbon Trust
Project Manager:
JAC Group

Thornton Reynolds have been working with the Carbon Trust for ten years as part of the Low Carbon Workplace Partnership (refer to other projects 63 Kew Road, Paul/Luke Street and 70 Wilson). For the move from the Dorset House offices to the new Bankside Yards development in the Arbor building, JAC Group managed the whole process and brought TR initially into the validations of the Fifth Floor and then the design of the ‘Cat B’ modifications to suit the new office. Most of the space was retained as ‘open plan’ with perimeter meeting rooms added, with acoustic baffles inserted above ceiling requiring MEP to be modified. OKTRA worked well with the team to adapt and particularly add below raised access floor power to deliver the floor where Carbon Trust needed it.

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