Our Portfolio

Our experience informs our engineering, influences what we say, and allows us to deliver advice when it’s needed to guide our clients to simpler ways to do things better. We contribute fully to ensure we make a positive difference to regeneration or new build.

Brighton College Boarding House
63 Kew Road, Richmond
Quay House, Canary Wharf
Ilona Rose Offices, Retail and Apartments
Unilever, Kingston
Brentford Lock West Brentford, London
Marshall Hanwell
Be Wilson
50-52 Paul Street, London EC2A
Brighton College Academic Building
King’s College School, New Classroom Building
UCL Torrington Place
Black Sea Hilton & Residences
Free Word Reception
SMO, Moscow
Institution of Structural Engineers Bastwick Street
Nexus House, Farringdon
CATS College London
Airport City Hotel Accra, Ghana
Walker’s Court, Soho